PPS took all the pressure off. Bronwyn just knew from the beginning what a good fit would look like for us. She’s very intuitive in that regard, which I think comes from experience. To have someone come in, scope out the role, prepare the information, do all the advertising, screen the candidates and then come back to us with a short list – that’s gold.

Melinda Phillips
General Manager

The Situation

Backtrack is an Armidale based not-for-profit organisation that provides pathways to help young people reconnect with their education and the community, while building life skills that prepare them for the workforce. Feeling they lacked the internal expertise required to have a successful recruitment, General Manager, Melinda Phillips, engaged Pinnacle People Solutions to recruit an Operations Manager.

The Pinnacle People Solutions Approach

‘The first point of contact with applicants reflects directly on our business. Knowing that Pinnacle People Solutions would give the candidate a high level of friendliness, professionalism and engagement was really reassuring. The ease of not having to go through that first 80% of the hiring process was fantastic,’ said Melinda.

‘Pinnacle People Solutions gave us the flexibility to include them at any level of recruitment. Anything from “this is what we’re looking at doing, can you check the position description and the scope of work? Does it fit?” to a full recruitment. Sometimes we don’t need them to do a full recruitment because we may have already identified someone suitable. They’re happy to support us at any level of recruitment – it’s not one box fits all.  Pinnacle are flexible, responsive and really accommodating,’ said Melinda.

‘They also have the advantage of being local. Bronwyn was really enthusiastic about working with us. She’s seen what we’ve done, and she just knew from the beginning what a good fit would look like for us. She’s very intuitive in that regard, which, I think, comes from experience,’ said Melinda.

The Outcome

‘First and foremost, the recruitment that we engaged them for went really, really well. They took all the pressure off. It was so nice to be able to have someone come in and scope out the role, prepare the information, do the advertising, screen all the candidates and then come back to us with a short list – that’s gold. The person that we ended up appointing is still with us and going really well,’ said Melinda.

‘We’ve since repeated that process more than half a dozen times. Where we haven’t had a successful recruitment, Bronwyn has also helped us navigate through this. They were brilliant with that; they just jumped in like “not a problem, this is what we can do, this is how we’re going to do it” and guided us through that process. Pinnacle People Solutions have the expertise to guide us through any process or situation, whether it’s immediate employment or whether it’s 3 months in and it isn’t working out. They’ve even assisted us with existing employees and helped us manage a restructure process too. They give you the reassurance that you’re covering all bases,’ said Melinda.

‘We also mentor other communities interested in adopting a similar type of program to Backtrack. The positive experience we’ve had with Pinnacle People Solutions has allowed us to share what we do with our HR needs and encourage others to do the same. There’s a real place for that with middle sized organisations like ourselves who aren’t large enough to have an internal dedicated HR position. Instead, we get that expertise when we need them, and they’re the ones keeping up to date with HR,’ said Melinda.

‘We are so pleased we’ve gone down this path. They offer a personalised service, were responsive, they listened, and got it right from the beginning. We will continue working with Pinnacle People Solutions – as soon as we have a recruitment need, we pick up the phone. It really is fantastic. Pinnacle are professional, resourceful and trustworthy. I highly recommend their services,’ concluded Melinda.

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