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For me it’s about building a team, and Bronwyn is now part of our team. She gets how we work; she gets the type of business we are and for me that’s key. She’s very personable, very professional and a team player. She really fits with us.

Richard Oates

The Situation

Duffy’s Automotive Tamworth is part of Repco, Australia’s largest independent network of mechanical workshops, offering car servicing and automotive repairs to the Tamworth Community. When proprietor, Richard Oates, decided to take step back from the business, he engaged the help of Pinnacle People Solutions to find a suitable person for the newly created role of Operations Manager.

The PPS Approach

‘I’ve typically always employed myself, so I don’t have any experience with outsourcing help. When I started considering a consultant, I asked around at the Business Networking Group, BNI. My business mates in Armidale all backed Bronwyn’s ability so that’s why we went with Pinnacle People Solutions. They have a good reputation, and it was a good experience for me to work with them’, said Richard.


‘Bronwyn is really personable to work with. It’s easy to just pick up the phone and have a chat. I’m a bit old school in that way; I’d rather talk directly to a person than firing off emails back and forward. Bronwyn’s great on the end of the phone’, said Richard.


‘For me it’s about building a team, and she’s now part of our team. If the manager has an issue, don’t ring me, ring Bronwyn. She gets how we work; she gets the type of business we are and for me that’s key. Whether it be recruitment, HR, bookkeeping, or whoever it might be in your team, it’s very important that we work well together. She really fits with us’, said Richard.

The Outcome

‘All of the applicants for the job actually made the comment that they probably wouldn’t have applied if it didn’t look as professional as it did. Pinnacle’s presentation to the public was fantastic. When it came to interview time, it was all very professional and worked really well’, said Richard.


‘Bronwyn was able to help us find the right guy. The process was really simple. He’s been great for the business, particularly at a time with dry weather and things are a bit slower than normal – he’s been fantastic in tuning things up, making it more efficient while maintaining a margin.


‘The outcome was fantastic. We’ve actually gone forward and recruited a second role with Bronwyn’s help. She’s covered all our HR requirements, including redoing contracts with employees. Highly recommend’, said Richard.

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