Impact Ag

Pinnacle People Solutions was very thorough with every aspect of HR and the recruiting process.

Bert Glover
Managing Director and Strategic Advisor

The Situation

With the ongoing success of their business, Impact Ag needed to grow their team by adding specific roles. Aware of the challenges they faced in seeking out the right people in a regional area, Impact Ag’s well-established human resources team approached Pinnacle People Solutions (PPS) to help review their existing HR policies and procedures and assist them with their recruitment of a new office manager.

Bert Glover, Managing Director and Strategic Advisor for Impact Ag, said they needed an outside HR team ‘who knew the local landscape and the needs of regionally-based business,’ and felt that PPS were the right people to provide fresh eyes and a knowledge of the local job market.

‘I put a lot of weight on referrals and trusted networks,’ Bert said. ‘Sometimes you need the right person, not just what’s on their cv or in their existing skillset. I believe if you get the right person with the right attitude and aptitude you can teach them anything they need to know.’

The PPS Approach

Pinnacle People Solutions ‘understood the need to find candidates who would be able to grow with the business,’ Bert says, and Pinnacle People Solutions’ ‘real value proposition is their local networks and their ability to build on these. Potential jobseekers approach them when considering a change. Leveraging their existing contacts creates more value for me as their client.’

Pinnacle People Solutions worked with the Impact Ag team through the HR process to properly understand the new role, setting out the required experience and desired capabilities to develop the position description. According to Impact Ag, Pinnacle People Solutions was very thorough with every aspect of HR and the recruiting process.

The Outcome

Although there was a small pool of potential candidates, Pinnacle People Solutions was able to get as many as possible to choose from. Pinnacle People Solutions ‘identified what our future needs might look like and were able to identify a potential good fit,’ Bert says. At the end of the recruitment process Impact Ag and PPS found a ‘great engaged candidate, a perfect fit for the role’.

According to Bert, the whole experience was a good one. ‘Pinnacle People Solutions was the perfect fit, their reference check was so thorough, and they were able to match the job to a candidate with the attitude and aptitude we were looking for.