Jessica Kliendeinst

Administration Coordinator

I am a super organised person who likes supporting and helping teammates and I’m motivated by meeting team goals. I am excited about being part of a growing team that is achieving amazing things.


Jessica Kleindienst is Pinnacle People Solutions’ administration coordinator and personal assistant to our CEO, Bronwyn Pearson. In her role Jessica provides administrative support to the Pinnacle People Solutions team and is responsible for streamlining admin processes so the growing team can be more efficient and provide exceptional services to our clients.


Jessica has 12 years in the Employment Services sector where she worked with job seekers to build skills and overcome barriers to employment.  Jessica also worked with employers to identify their business needs and assist with the recruitment process. More recently her role was focused contract compliance, ensuring processes and service delivery complies with contract requirements, while continuing to provide behind the scenes admin support.


Jessica has an extensive knowledge of recruitment and HR. She brings a systematic approach and strong team facilitation skills to the Pinnacle People Solutions team.

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