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Small Business Health Check

#mpcth_icon_list_wmQMJ { color: #666666; }#mpcth_icon_list_wmQMJ li i { color: ; }Do you know what level of HR risk you currently have? Do your staff know more about their rights and responsibilities than you do?Do you have employment contracts? Do they comply with legislation, meet Fair Work requirements and National Employment Standards?Do you have a set of core HR policies that mitigate workplace risks such as health and safety, bullying, harassment and discrimination?Do you have a clear set of position descriptions to ensure role clarity and team effectiveness?Do you find it easy to recruit and retain quality staff?Do you have a simple and effective process to manage, appraise and reward the performance of your staff?Could you confidently defend a claim against you? #mpcth_cta_wvDEj.wpb_call_to_action .wpb_button_a .mpcth-cta-arrow {border-color:#5f6b69}...


Proposals and packages are individually tailored to address your unique business’ needs. There is no charge for you to discuss your human resources needs with us. This provides us with an opportunity to assess your requirements, work out whether we have something to offer you and your business, and provide you with a more meaningful proposal, including scope of work and quote. So if you are not sure what your Human Resources needs are, give Pinnacle People Solutions a call and we can discuss the options available to you. We also conduct a full evaluation process post-implementation for all our clients.


Your business may require ongoing HR support. By engaging HR expertise, either off-site or through embedding a part time HR specialist on site, your business can benefit from the experience, professionalism and proven record Pinnacle People Solutions can bring to your business. But without the expense, risk, or making the long term commitment hiring a staff member would require, allowing you to focus on your core business. HR services you can outsource to Pinnacle People Solutions: Recruitment Training and Development Employee Assistance Programs/Counselling Exit Interviews Outplacement Assistance Childcare/Eldercare assistance Equal Opportunity Compliance/Reporting Legal Advice Legal Compliance Employee Relocations Incentive Programs Administration of Culture/Climate Surveys


A poor recruitment decision or not knowing how to manage a tricky staff situation can make or break a small enterprise or a not-for-profit. We are available to assist you with critical matters, whether they are industrial relations disputes, complaints or serious personnel issues. We can respond quickly, with a comprehensive assessment and advice service tailored to meet your needs.


In the unlikely event that a newly recruited staff member leaves your employment within six months of their commencement, we will undertake another recruitment process for the same position and level of candidate as the original placement. Our services for this purpose will be provided at no extra cost to you, subject to the following conditions: The candidate’s departure is for cause or is the result of his/her inability to perform the responsibilities of the position as defined in the Position Description The candidate’s departure is the result of a misrepresentation of credentials If however, the focus of the role has changed, there is an unanticipated relocation or the responsibilities or authority of the position have changed significantly to those represented at the time of…


We are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients. At the end of each assignment a quality survey is sent to your organisation.  In this survey, we will ask you to evaluate our performance on the assignment and may follow up with you if needed as part of our quality improvement process.


Our process is respectful and considered. We understand the need to protect the privacy of your business and those who interact with you. We are deeply aware of the implications of managing sensitive matters and will maintain rigorous confidentiality throughout the assignment and beyond. As our client we will strive to be sensitive, communicative and open with you at all times.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and delivery of high standard, fit for purpose human resources solutions for your business.  We have successfully worked across a diverse range of assignments, and our clients would be happy to provide comment on our approach, quality and outcomes achieved by Pinnacle People Solutions. Details can be provided on request.