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Small Business Health Check

#mpcth_icon_list_ojlnu { color: #666666; }#mpcth_icon_list_ojlnu li i { color: ; }Do you know what level of HR risk you currently have? Do your staff know more about their rights and responsibilities than you do?Do you have employment contracts? Do they comply with legislation, meet Fair Work requirements and National Employment Standards?Do you have a set of core HR policies that mitigate workplace risks such as health and safety, bullying, harassment and discrimination?Do you have a clear set of position descriptions to ensure role clarity and team effectiveness?Do you find it easy to recruit and retain quality staff?Do you have a simple and effective process to manage, appraise and reward the performance of your staff?Could you confidently defend a claim against you? #mpcth_cta_HBaVc.wpb_call_to_action .wpb_button_a .mpcth-cta-arrow {border-color:#5f6b69}...