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The Pinnacle Story

Pinnacle People Solutions was launched in 2013 as Bronwyn Pearson Consulting (BPC). Its Principal, Bronwyn Pearson, had more than twenty years’ experience in corporate Human Resources and had identified that regional small to medium enterprises (SMEs)  could not draw upon the same resources that her organisation was able to bring to bear.
She felt that the lack of access to experienced and qualified human resource services left regionally based SMEs exposed to penalties for non-compliance with legislation and reduced productivity and at greater risk of reputation damage when poor recruitment decisions were made. Bronwyn also felt that city-based consultants were unaffordable and did not understand the unique needs that regional SMEs faced.

In 2014, Bronwyn Pearson Consulting won the Ethics category, and was highly commended in the Best New Business category of the Armidale Business Chamber Awards.  BPC was also a regional finalist in the NSW Business Chamber Awards.

In 2015, Pinnacle People Solutions won Best New Business and was a finalist in the Best New Business, Innovation, and Ethics categories of the Armidale Business Chamber Awards. Its Principal, Bronwyn Pearson was a finalist in the New England Enterprising Woman category.

In 2016 Pinnacle People Solutions once again won the Ethics category of the Armidale Business Chamber Awards.

So why the name change?

Pinnacle People Solutions was Bronwyn’s preferred business name back in 2013 however she had significant brand equity in her professional name. In order to leverage this, and to also increase the chances of her new venture’s success she chose to launch as Bronwyn Pearson Consulting. However, she also put in place a 3-year plan to transition to Pinnacle People Solutions, with the timing of this launch intended to coincide with an expansion of service provision outside of the immediate Armidale area.

In just two short years, the demand for Human Resources services has been exponential, and Pinnacle People Solutions was launched in July 2015.